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Invest in your children! - St Mary father

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 12:13 AM
Proud St Mary-based parent Morris McKie with his daughter, Cedella, whose Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exam results comprised an impressive 10 ones with six distinctions.


A humble cabinetmaker from Highgate, St Mary, whose children have scored some of the highest school exam results in the parish, believes their success is due largely to his adoption of Marcus Garvey's ideologies.

Last week, Morris McKie became one of the proudest parents in St Mary when his 19-year-old son, Tyrone, left home to pursue an accounts, management and entrepreneurship course at the University of the West Indies.

Some years back, Tyrone appeared in The Gleaner after achieving 99 per cent in the math exam for his Grade Six Achievement Test, and earlier this week, his sister, Cedella, 17, was profiled by the newspaper after scoring one of this year's best Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exam results; 10 ones with six distinctions.

Morris told Family and Religion: "I grew up with my father and he was a man who liked Marcus Garvey. I didn't hide those facts from my children and showed them the importance of preserving their race, like the Chinese have done.

"I've always told them to read because knowledge is in the books and also tried to explain that they should be looking to uplift the standards I set as a cabinetmaker because now the world is one big community, so you need to have 'A' grades with distinctions if you want employers to look at you.




"It feels great to know that my children have thought about the things I have told them and acted in a professional manner. I'm glad to know they have stuck to the tasks I've given them and they are looking upwards so the next generation following them can be even more successful."

Morris, whose anti-imperialist poem 'Podium Nah Share' was published in The Gleaner shortly after the London Olympics in 2012, insists that the time, money and effort he put into parenting has turned out to be his most valuable investment. He believes and believes more parents should implement a similar strategy.

He explained: "Your offspring should end up better off and more successful than you, so you have to give them the right guidance, and there is a model that we can look at and try to duplicate. The Chinese have raised their standards to become the next world power.

"I have seen where the Chinese and Japanese have successfully modelled their nations to success from bicycles to Honda bikes to Honda cars, and now they are making Honda jet engines.

"That is a clear example to help propel our race and for parents to understand how children can make you a better person further down the road. That's why you have to make sure you bring them up to be someone who is successful in society, so later on they can break bread for you."