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Rohan Lee serves with divine purpose

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The former dancehall recording artiste, who ignored the voice of God for years, says that he has now fully realised his true gift - the gift of prophecy.

Mandeville, Manchester:

He has lost a lot of associates and has seen a reduction in some business opportunities and potential earnings, but Rohan Lee says the joy experienced from walking with the Lord is incomparable to that which he experienced while indulging in the ways of the world.

"Some people are not comfortable around righteousness. They say all I talk about is God, but when I spoke about dancehall, they never had a problem. But the Lord is the Provider and why lose your soul to gain the whole world..."

It has been just over a year since Lee accepted the call of God upon his life, and, according to the new convert, the Lord has been using him mightily.

"I have been operating the Lord's ministry: he takes care of it and I'm his steward. I have been recording testimonies, producing gospel music, ministering all over the country. Sometimes I end up preaching on buses, and people surrender their souls."

Lee has even been called to work of God overseas.

"A friend of mine - his mother got a stroke. I prayed for her on the phone and later the Lord told me that I would be going to New York to pray for this woman. Somebody who had nothing to do with the situation ended up buying my ticket and I went up there prayed for her and she started getting better."

"Ministering to people is my thing," he added. "I just love doing God's work, I love that more than anything."




"The Lord has called me as a prophet, but not the American new aged-prophet that only prophesy the good things or to make a profit, but God gives me the bitter news to be delivered. It is not always about the prosperity gospel, and I have to do it. Even though people will vex wid you after."

But though he has experienced mind-blowing blessing through the transformation of his heart and mind, the man of God expressed that equally, there have been many tests and trials.

"There has been a warfare. The Lord has plans for me and the enemy is trying hard to snuff it out. But once you are for God, nothing can stop you. You see, Christians must fight from a perspective of victory. The enemy will make you feel like you are not worth it, but don't believe that deception."

Lee currently has his Ministry outreach programmes at the God Lives Within Recording Studio.

"We don't really call it a studio: it is our Ministry and we empower people through the word of God. We offer affordable recordings and production for gospel artiste and we record for free and share the testimonies of others. We also offer music, math and English classes for the young people and we do a praise and worship session every Thursday, where people are prayed for and are delivered."

Lee continues to be in awe of God's work in his life and is eagerly looking forward to what the future holds.

"It's about serving with purpose, not about my will but the will of God."