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Overseas Exam Commission clarifies position in SBA fallout; Penwood High to submit additional samples

Published:Sunday | September 11, 2016 | 7:02 PM

The Overseas Examination Commission (OEC) has issued a statement seeking to explain the processes regarding the submission of school-based assessments (SBAs).

In the statement, published in today's Sunday Gleaner, the OEC states its position on the matter involving the non-submission of school-based assessment (SBA) samples in six subjects for 40 students at the Penwood High School in Kingston. It says despite its early and sustained efforts, the matter was not resolved in a timely manner before the issue became public.    

The school had failed to submit the samples to the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) by the July 31 deadline, resulting in the students' exam results being classified as ungraded.

Jamaica had appealed to CXC after The Gleaner reported the issue. The CXC later accepted the samples.

In its statement today, the OEC sought to distance itself from blame by explaining its process of checks and balances for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. It says all scores have to be uploaded to the CXC Online Registration System in accordance with the SBA manual, even where SBA samples have been submitted. Where scores have not been submitted, candidates are issued with the classification "ungraded".

The OEC further pointed out that where SBAs are uploaded using the CXC Online Registration System, it does not receive an automatic notification regarding the submissions.

Penwood said it had submitted the samples via the CXC Online Registration System, but was having a problem with it.

Consequently, Penwood will have to submit additional SBA samples to the CXC this week.

The CXC has indicated that it cannot treat the school's case as a matter of "hardship" as it did not qualify for such treatment.

It says the school has until Tuesday to submit additional samples.