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NWC urges customers to store water amid protest by workers

Published:Tuesday | September 13, 2016 | 12:51 PM
Padlocked gates at the NWC's Marescaux Road offices - Jermaine Barnaby photo

The National Water Commission (NWC) says it is working to minimise further disruptions in water distribution as a result of strike action being taken by some workers.

The strike comes ahead of a planned meeting at the Labour Ministry at 2 o'clock this afternoon involving the unions representing NWC workers.

This morning, some NWC workers in sections of St Catherine, St James and the Corporate Area stayed off the job to protest long delays in concluding their wage and fringe negotiations with the company’s management.

IN PHOTO: NWC workers outside the gates of their Marescaux Road offices

At the Oxford and Marescaux road offices in Kingston, the gates were padlocked.

Police also stood guard at the Marescaux road gates as workers milled about.

Corporate Public Relations Manager at the NWC, Charles Buchannan, is urging NWC customers to store water.

IN PHOTO: Charles Buchanan

Corporate Public Relations Manager at NWC, Charles Buchannan

In a statement, the NWC said it is still evaluating the impact of the strike.

But the agency underscores that it cannot guarantee normal service in all areas.

IN PHOTO: NWC workers outside the gates of their Marescaux Road offices

The NWC says it is hoping that there will be a speedy resolution so that normality can be restored to all services to customers.

The NWC also says its management continues to engage in discussions with the Finance Ministry and the Labour Ministry on all the issues.

It also says it is committed to working at resolving all disputes and to implement all agreements that have been made by the organisation.