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IUC bemoans shortage of nursing educators islandwide

Published:Thursday | September 15, 2016 | 9:25 AM

The International University of the Caribbean (IUC) is bemoaning the shortage of nursing educators in Jamaica after it was barred from continuing its nursing programme.

The Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ), which monitors nursing and midwifery schools, says it barred the IUC from offering nursing courses because the university has failed to hire nursing teachers who are suitably qualified and licensed.

However, the IUC says the nursing council’s decision was rushed, especially since the council knows that majority of its nursing educators resigned three months ago.

IUC’s vice-president of Student Affairs, Mackesha Evans says the university has been trying to hire more nursing educators but has been challenged because there aren’t enough in Jamaica.

Evans says many nurses are choosing not to pursue nursing education because they believe the area is not lucrative.

He says other tertiary nursing institutions in Jamaica have been struggling to find enough nursing educators for their faculties.


IUC’s vice-president of Student Affairs, Mackesha Evans

Some 120 nursing students have been displaced since the IUC lost its approval to teach nursing.

Evans says most of them will find it difficult to get into other schools.


IUC’s vice-president of Student Affairs, Mackesha Evans

He says the IUC will attempt to replace the nursing educators to see if the council will grant it approval to continue offering nursing courses.