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Blythe endorses McNeill, Hanna and Ferguson

Published:Friday | September 16, 2016 | 1:42 PM
In photo: Dr Karl Blythe (left), Dr Wykeham McNeill (top right), Lisa Hanna (centre) and Dr Fenton Ferguson.

Dr Karl Blythe has endorsed Lisa Hanna, Dr Wykeham McNeill and Dr Fenton Ferguson who are among five candidates vying for the four PNP vice-president posts.

He says he’s supporting Dr McNeill because he’s from his region in Westmoreland and that he believes Ferguson is a solid comrade who has performed well.

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Blythe says his support for Ms Hanna is based on the fact that he does not like the targeted and personal attacks that have been levelled against her in recent times.

According to him, his sense of justice would force him to line up behind Hanna.


PNP presidential hopeful, Dr. Karl Blythe

Blythe did not comment on the other two candidates in the race, Dr Angela Brown Burke and Noel Arscott.