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Persistency and positive energy = prosperity, says Kert Powell

Published:Saturday | September 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Powell: This young teacher and entrepreneur is very passionate about teaching and mentoring young people within the church and the community.

Kert Powell describes himself as a humble individual who finds pleasure in giving back to the Lord in time and substance, more so because he has realised that the more he gives, the more blessings he receives. This, he said, is the true formula for a lifetime of prosperity both spiritually and financially, hence his motto: 'Persistency and positive energy = Prosperity.'

This young teacher and entrepreneur is very passionate about teaching and mentoring young people within the church and the community.

"I always try to assist them in any way I can, especially where educating them is concerned and sometimes giving financial assistance where possible," he said.

When he got saved in 1998, Powell said he was compelled by an inner voice to go to the altar. "I heard a voice speak to me to accept this man, Jesus. So I asked my mother if I can go to the alter and she said yes, and ever since that day I walked to the altar, my mind was made up," he told Family and Religion.

"I accepted Christ as my personal saviour at age 10, so peer pressure was a challenge, especially in high school and college. Another problem I faced, being a young man in the faith, was that at times, I felt some of the older members in the church didn't want young people to voice their opinions. However, growing up, I was taught humility, and so that allowed me to stay focused and persistent on this straight and narrow path," he explained.


At seven years old, Kert said he realised he liked sales and tried his hand at it and succeeded, so he continued, but he was not without naysayers.

"God has blessed me with a gift of creative ideas to implement new plans, policies, and business ideas. My goal is to be a successful businessman, so while in first year at college, I decided to start a business selling snacks and Internet service, and it worked out well for the three years."

"Four years ago when I started my photograph and video service business called Mobile Photoshop & Video Service, persons in my community and workplace laughed at me, saying, 'that's not a good idea', and 'it will not work'. One colleague of mine even said I'm hungry, and that is why I'm going around taking photographs of people and events. Even though the negative comments came left and right, I stayed focused and I was determined, and I prayed a lot," he shared with Family and Religion.

Through perseverance, God has allowed Kert to see the business as a very lucrative path, which has helped him to maintain financial stability over the four years.

"Now on my journey, I have seen where God is taking me higher spiritually and financially as the business has been very prosperous since the start of this year."

Although not involved in full-time ministry, Kert is the men's president for the Full Truth Church of God Region Three, where he ministers and encourages the members in all churches in the region to be strong, firm in faith, and courageous for Christ.