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Tales of a newbie mom- Tracy-Ann Jerry-Ellis meets her ‘honeymoon’ baby

Published:Saturday | September 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMTales of a newbie mom
The prince of the Ellis family, Stephen-Kai
Stephen-Kai, only a few days old
Proud parents, Tracy and her husband Jordane Ellis.

After a beautiful honeymoon cruise, Tracy-Ann Jerry-Ellis was well rested, rejuvenated, and filled with pride at becoming one with her partner of eight years. However, she had no idea that God had given her an extra special gift on her wedding night.

"We knew that we could be pregnant and decided that I would take the test. It took me a while to actually buy the test. I didn't buy it until I realised my cycle, which is pretty regular, was late. By this time, I had no choice but to go and make sure. I bought a pregnancy test and went home - Jordane (my husband) wasn't home at the time. When I took the test, in no time, it showed two lines. I looked at the manual to confirm what it meant. I remember reading and re-reading the manual to make sure I got it right."


She had a bun in the oven alright and now it was time to break the news to hubby.

"I was so excited! I decided to put the test on the bathroom counter and wait for my husband to get home and go in there and see it. I tried really hard not to tell him prior to that. We were even messaging on WhatsApp and it so was hard to send a message and not say anything. Every message I sent I was smiling from ear to ear wondering how he'd react. If he'd be happy, scared, you never know."

The Ellises knew things would now change forever and they prepared themselves for the arrival of the product of their union, but not without a few glitches.

"My first doctor's visit was closer to the end of my first trimester. The ultrasound experience is indescribable. Seeing that life growing within you and getting to hear your baby's heart beating for the first time is one of, if not the most, humbling and life-changing experiences you could ever have. But in my first trimester, the cravings began. Every evening I would ask my husband to buy rice and peas and chicken from a particular place. It had to be that place. But after about two weeks of it, I could not eat another bite. I didn't even want to drive past the place and would get nauseated even thinking about it.

"Soon I started craving cookies and cream drumstick, tuna sandwich (it had to have tuna, carrots, onions, black pepper, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and mayonnaise). Yes, very particular and fish, which I don't usually eat."

But the second trimester was the killer. It came with intense nausea, bronchitis, and even low blood pressure.

"I have always considered myself a person who handles pain and discomfort well. But nausea of that calibre is no joke. I found out that my haemoglobin levels were very low, making me anaemic, and I seemed to be plagued with unusually low blood pressure levels throughout the course of my pregnancy, making me constantly fatigued. Later in my second trimester I also caught the flu - twice. This made me depressed. I started wondering if there was something wrong with me. The flu ended up with me getting bronchitis which gave me a terrible cough. I ended up having to take ventolin, the pump used by asthma patients."

Jerry-Ellis' husband was a trooper throughout the pregnancy, ensuring that he pampered her and made her as comfortable as he could. But the worse was yet to come.

On September 2, at approximately 11 p.m., she began feeling contractions, but ignored them as they were bearable. Certainly, she could not have done that for the rest of the night and the two soon started on their journey from Ocho Rios where they lived to the hospital in Montego Bay.

"We got to the hospital at about 3:45 a.m. and got checked in. The pain was tolerable and had me thinking "I can do this!". I was starting to get weary and was concerned about how things were progressing.

After intense pains and a C-section Stephen-Kai Alexander Ellis was born at approximately 5:30 p.m. on September 3.

"Being a new mom is a whole new world. You start to see life differently. Everything you do and how you think about things and decisions you make are totally turned around because you aren't just thinking about yourself anymore. You have to do what's best for the baby. My family, especially my grandma and my husband, have really been supportive. I don't know what I would do without them."