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Coffee stakeholders urged to become competitive; farmers get price increase

Published:Sunday | September 18, 2016 | 12:31 PM

It has been announced that coffee farmers are to be paid more per box for coffee berries but the agriculture minister is warning that the island's premium Blue Mountain Coffee needs to become more competitive if it is to grow market share.

Following a meeting between stakeholders and the Ministry of Industry, Investment, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries on Friday, it was announced that farmers are to be paid J$8,000 per box .

Japan purchases 70 per cent of the coffee produced by Jamaica, however, there has been a decline in consumption following a price increase in Blue Mountain Coffee from US$27 per kilogramme to US$67 per kilogramme in the past two years.

Karl Samuda says unless Jamaica becomes more competitive it will not get the market share it desires.

He says a team comprising the agriculture ministry and processors will visit farmers to explain the pricing mechanism.