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Jamaica Teas introduces new products

Published:Monday | September 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Instant Jamaican Sorrel with Ginger, whole dried Sorrel and Cocoa-Nut, Coconut Flavoured Cocoa are the new products recently introduced by Jamaican Teas Limitexxd under its Caribbean Dreams brand.

Instant Jamaican Sorrel with Ginger, Cocoa-Nut, Coconut Flavoured Cocoa and whole dried Sorrel are one-of-a-kind products recently introduced by Jamaican Teas Limited under its Caribbean Dreams brand.

The highly sought-after sorrel herb, commonly used as a Christmas drink here in Jamaica is now available all year long through the company's Jamaican Sorrel with Ginger and instant sorrel drink mix, available in sachets, is an all-natural product with no artificial sweeteners or flavours. It is easy to use, just add water and ice (and rum if you like) and it's ready.

Whole Sorrel, the 100 per cent dried herb, is conveniently packaged in a resealable bag.

Cocoa-Nut is an instant product made of coconut-flavoured cocoa and can be served hot or cold. Also available in sachets, Cocoa-Nut puts a new spin on the beloved cocoa drink in an exotic blend, where coconut meets chocolate.

Groundbreaking and bold in concept and production, these new products affirm the intent of the Jamaican Teas Group to revolutionise its product line, while utilising, as far as possible, indigenous Jamaican herbs, plants and produce.

John Mahfood, managing director of Jamaican Teas, is pleased with the initial feedback from the marketplace. "People love these three new products, our team is delighted to have created them," he says, "We are especially proud of the instant sorrel ginger which is truly a unique product, the first of its kind in the world, and this has really revved up our pioneering instinct. There is infinite potential to what can be produced with Jamaican ingredients and we are invested in developing this aspect of our business with an aim to shore up local production, while increasing our exports and expanding the markets for our Caribbean Dreams brand."




In the short term, Mahfood says the products are being exported to existing markets in North America and the Caribbean, in addition to being sold locally in major supermarkets. The company is also actively exploring other markets, including Panama and Mexico, which have great potential for sorrel.

In an era where production is essential to our economic growth and well-being as a nation, Mahfood is calling on local supermarkets, retailers and Jamaican consumers to do their part by supporting local products.