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Do you believe that persons over 50 years should go home and make way for younger people in the labour force?

Published:Tuesday | September 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Trudy Ann Kelly
Valerie Anderson
Lincoln Liking
Nancy Hylton-Coleman
Alwyn Bryan
Baldvin McKenzie
Tenisha Peart
Leon Burke

Do you believe that persons over 50 years should go home and make way for younger people in the labour force?

Trudy Ann Kelly, 24, teacher, Huddersfield

"I don't think people who are aged 50 and above should stop working just to give younger persons employment. Younger people don't really have any experience, so they need the older folks to nurture and show them what is right, from what is wrong. If they want to get experience, they should volunteer so that employers will be able to know whether or not they should be hired."


Valerie Anderson, 51, principal

"I'm over 50 years old and only finished college a few years ago because I did not have that opportunity when I was young, so now I want to earn to recoup the funds that I spent on my education. I'm well in my prime to share the things I have learnt and more ready than ever before to be a well-rounded citizen and contribute to society. Yes, young people do need work, but suppose I live to be 100? I think on a whole, the Government needs to put both young and old together so that learning can take place."


Lincoln Liking (under 50)

"I would not agree with that. Increase the number of jobs, don't punish hard working people who still desire to or maybe even need to work"


Alwyn Bryan

"No I disagree. At 50 you're just in the prime of your life. Some still having young kids and are preparing them for school. Some are just buying a house at that age too. One has to ensure their kids are grown before they retire."


Nancy Hylton-Coleman (over 50), self-employed

No. The world needs balance. The experience and wisdom of the mature combined with the energy, fearlessness and innovativeness of the youth (are needed).

Leon Burke (over 50) Tour bus operator (parish)

A resounding no! The 50-year-old would have had a lot more experience and knowledge of the job. The young today, don't know what time of day it is. There should be a balance without having to force the older ones out.

Tenisha Peart (under 50) Cashier (Parish

I think 50 years old should be allowed to work as long as they are able to do the job in the way it should be done. There is something to be said about experience ... but room should be made for the youth to get the opportunity to learn from them.

Baldvin McKenzie (under 50) manager, SDC, Clarendon

That's a crazy idea. Without experience, we are bound to fail. The young need to learn the skills and the know-how and this will be done by both ages working together.