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NCB safeguarding its customers

Published:Wednesday | September 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Recently, the number of reports of fraudulent activities at automated banking machines (ABMs) has increased. These incidents are not limited to any particular bank or geographical location.

As part of its ongoing upgrade exercise on its ABM platform, National Commercial Bank (NCB) customers will encounter the following message after inserting their card:

'Please wait while the card is initialised'.

This message is part of our ABMs upgraded validation process. Do NOT be alarmed. This does NOT mean your card is compromised.


How Criminals Grab



Your Data


NCB continues to urge all card users to be vigilant when using any ABM by noting the following:

- Card reader overlays look exactly like the genuine card readers of the banks' machines that fit neatly over the machine's card reader. Skimming occurs when in the course of doing a transaction the customer's card passes through the fraudulent card reader overlay.

- Card reader inserts fit neatly into the ABM card readers, and are designed to skim card data when a card is being used to conduct a transaction.

- Hidden pin-hole cameras are strategically positioned on to the ABM in order to facilitate the capturing of PIN information.

- Keypad overlays look exactly like the genuine keypads of the machines. These sit right on top of the keypads of the targeted ABM and captures PIN data when the unsuspecting customer conducts a transaction.


What to do if your card is compromised


If you believe your card may have been compromised, you should:

1. Immediately contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-NCB-FIRST to have the card restricted.

2. Visit the nearest NCB branch to lodge a formal complaint.