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Frankfield Primary gets proper bathroom facilities

Published:Thursday | September 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Frankfield Primary and Infant School was established in 1910, and over the years, successive school administration has toiled hard to keep its facilities in working order. Its latest project was the rehabilitation of the upper school bathrooms, which was officially reopened in time for the new school year.

Vasper Scarlett, principal of the institution, said in 2012, they realised that the bathroom facilities were in a deplorable condition, and as such, decided to embark on a project to renovate them.

"We tried many different options, but to no avail, so we took the initiative and decided that from a school perspective, we would at least try to do it on our own," he told Rural Xpress.

Scarlett said the vice-principal was also instrumental, as she was able to secure a significant donation from a member of the community.

Food For The Poor donated the tiles, which would have cost the school a tidy sum, while the rest of the money came from fundraising activities as a result of the effort of teachers and students, which amounted to more than $100,000.




Vice-principal Bovette O'Connor Powell encouraged the parents to partner with the school to ensure the students had proper bathroom facilities.

"The teachers and students have worked really hard, and we must also commend them for their efforts. These students (grades four to six) are excited because we rehabilitated the lower school bathroom, and to see that theirs have now been improved makes them really happy," said O'Connor Powell.

Several parents have commended the school for taking the initiative instead of waiting on the Ministry of Education for assistance, noting that the school's population of more than 900 students will have decent facilities to use.