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Wealth Magazine partners with MSME Alliance

Published:Friday | September 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Garth Walker
Donovan Wignall

Wealth Magazine and the Medium, Small and Micro Business Enterprises (MSME) Alliance have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to produce and distribute a small-business lifestyle magazine - Wealth Magazine-MSME Business Insider. The first publication of the magazine is scheduled for December.

The new publication will be a Jamaican and Caribbean-centric magazine with a global appeal. It will speak the language of entrepreneurs about the MSME sector and the strategic alliances, information and access they need to succeed in their endeavours.

Donovan Wignall, president of the MSME Alliance, says the magazine will showcase the Jamaican small business sector while illustrating what entrepreneurs are capable of. It will offer the best of Jamaican small businesses within a provocative mix of communications sources, formats and styles.

"The magazine will report on all aspects of the MSME sector - the engine of economic growth and the foundation of every growth plan. It will provide valuable information to all stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, government policymakers and non-governmental organisations. The magazine will be a repository of information for all MSME-related businesses, a place where data is collected and disseminated about the sector and a very important resource for the small-business community," Wignal explained.

"We believe that the co-branding of the MSME Business Insider and Wealth Magazine will deliver the kind of synergies that entrepreneurs need in order to grow their businesses and become successful," he added.

The MOU grants MSME Alliance to Wealth Magazine an exclusive licence to produce, print, market and distribute the magazine. The copyright publisher will retain all copyrights and intellectual property rights for the magazine.

"We are thrilled to have formed this partnership with MSME Alliance. We are building on the equity of the Wealth brand with focus on this sector of the market," managing editor of Wealth Magazine, Garth Walker, said.

Wealth Magazine will be responsible for all non-editorial content of the magazine, using its resources and expertise to set advertising rates, design, market and promote the magazine, sell advertising space, sponsorships and other revenue solutions. It will be printed quarterly, distributed free to consumers and will also be available online.