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Cleon James: Fulfilling God’s purpose in his life

Published:Saturday | September 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Cleon James and his wife and eight-month-old baby.

Family man, movie producer and ardent Christian Cleon James has come a long way in his walk with God.

James, on September 15, released his latest project, a film titled Trest In God (Trust In God), and it is one totally inspired by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

James shared with Family and Religion how God took full control, forcing him to abandon the original script he had and allowing him to 'check in' every day for new materials to shoot.

"I questioned God, saying, 'I don't have a plot. how can I make this movie?, and His reply was, 'you shoot the movie. I will give you a plot'."

James said he had to check in with God every night to receive the script for the next day. "And that's how it went until the movie was finished," he said of the film that will be shown at the AMK Theatre in Boston this month, followed by viewings across North America and later on the Jamaican church circuit.

Trest In God is based on the main characters (Cleon) inner struggles with the good and evil influences trying to gain prominence in his decisions.

"The Holy Spirit directs you to do righteousness, the evil spirit boosts your ego," he said.

Watching it, viewers should get caught up as he wrestles the two forces in his life and, ultimately, God's power getting the chance to be at work.

James said he expects the movie to have a big impact on people's lives as it's more about faith than entertainment. For him, the film was created with a profound message for Christians to realise that when they put 100 per cent trust in God, then He will lead them, so they can put worry aside.

The cast comprises James in three roles - Holy Spirit, evil and himself. It also stars newcomer Amelia Reviera - a radio personality now making her movie debut.

Trest In God is James' third project, with the two previous: Green Card, starring Spragga Benz among others, and Foreign Exchange, with the latter being a big hit for him on the film festival circuit.

"Foreign Exchange won all the festivals in 2013," he shared.

Although he is now 'solid' in his walk with God, that was not always the case as James said when he met his wife of three years, she wanted them both to surrender to Christ and get baptised.

"My wife grew up in a Christian lifestyle and she told me it would be good if I committed. That was the beginning of arguments in our marriage," said James.

He said they argued non-stop until one day he burst out, "I don't want this relationship".

His wife calmly told him that before he quit on the marriage, they should both try Jesus.

"Well, we tried everything and nothing worked, so we got baptised in 2013," said James.

Since then, he said they only had one disagreement, and it was not major. He has also seen God's hands at work in his relationship, too, with her decision to have a child for him.

"I told her I wanted another child and she was against it. today, we are parents to a seven-month-old baby," he said.

Born in Montego Bay, St James, the Maldon High School past student left Jamaica in 1996 and now he says he is all about fulfilling God's purpose in his life.