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Major drain cleaning for Portmore

Published:Saturday | September 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Portmore Municipal Council is spending some $30 million to conduct drain cleaning in the municipality.

Acting Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas said the entire drain-cleaning project is estimated to cost $64 million, $30 million of which has already been committed to the council by the Ministry of Local Government.

"We have done an estimate, and the entire project will cost $64 million," Thomas said

"The major drains that will be given attention are the Manza to Daytona drain that serves several communities, including Caribbean Estates, the drain located along Port Henderson Boulevard, on which work has already started, and several other middle drains will come under the programme," Thomas said.

He disclosed that the Port Henderson Boulevard drain is a major drain that serves the Greater Portmore housing developments,

"We have more than 3,000 houses that this drain affects when it rains. Due to the condition of this drain, when it rains most of the debris is backed up in Two East, Two West, Three East and other areas in Greater Portmore."

The acting mayor underscored the importance of the drain for depositing storm water into the Hellshire mangroves and its function in preventing raw sewage from backing up, causing undue hardships for residents.

"The cleaning that is taking place in this area will impact significantly on two basic schools, a primary school, and the Greater Portmore High School," noted Thomas.

The cleaning is expected to last for three weeks.