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Steve Lyston | Mentorship or manipulation Part I

Published:Saturday | September 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM

There is a fine line between mentorship and manipulation, and sadly, many have been burnt by the latter on their road to success. The failure/lack of success that we are seeing globally is the result of the lack of proper mentorship and the abundance of manipulation. It is, therefore, necessary for us to recognise that mentorship guides and matures a person into greatness and fulfilment of their purpose for the benefit of all, while manipulation directs a person to a path through exploitation, deception and control in order to maintain or access power - thus the only beneficiary is the person directing. Sadly, manipulation does not only occur in politics, media, and business, but also within churches across the globe.

This issue is broad, so in Part 1 of this article, we will focus on mentorship.

A mentor is a trustworthy counsellor or guide who teaches or advises a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Your mentor can be older or younger than you are, because mentorship is dependent on the level of expertise, experience, and/knowledge in a particular area.

The focus of mentorship is to develop the whole person so that one can mature to be used in a greater capacity.

We need mentorship in politics, religion, business, media, security forces, and the Church. The transmission of knowledge can be formal or informal.

In carrying out mentorship, one can use experience with insight from the Holy Spirit. One can also use their experience from pain and passion. It is a process that means you will need to walk side by side with the learner in order for them to bring fruit. There are things that will develop that you can only learn along the way with your protÈgÈ/mentee. A mentor should never be afraid to pass on knowledge to develop an individual; there are always benefits for both parties.

We have seen the withholding of knowledge from one generation to the next, which is a failure on the part of those who should be mentors. Many organisations are now dying because there is a lack of mentorship and an abundance of manipulation. Your mentor will give you insight, tactics, strategies, and wisdom to launch and be successful globally. In the Bible, we see great mentors and great protÈgÈs/mentees. For example:


Mentors Proteges/Mentees


- Naomi - Ruth

- Elijah - Elisha

- Mordecai - Esther

Every protege/mentee must follow those who have proven themselves and have overcome life's struggles. Do not follow someone only because/if they are financially successful. Follow one who has a wealth of knowledge, the fear of God, strong, positive moral values.

Your mentor will teach you the law of access, protocol for the environment in which you are preparing to go, and even how to dress for where you are headed. Recognise that your mentor also has the authority to speak you into your success and onto your path of prosperity.




There cannot be any economic development or global change until strong mentors rise up and begin to challenge people towards development. When we see the young and the old competing with each other in politics and in the churches, it is clear that there is a failure in the area of mentorship.

Remember that the key to mentorship is the right motive. Your mentors are there to prevent you from any unnecessary pain, mistakes, or failures. They are also there to bring out your true potential, and to address your pitfalls which hinder you, such as pride, arrogance, and zeal without knowledge. The mentor is preparing you for both the blessing and the enemy ahead.

The success of a leader must be measured by the number of lives they have impacted and have empowered and raised up to be leaders as well, so that there is continuation. This principle is in line with the Biblical instruction from God to "be fruitful and multiply' (Genesis 1: 28)

I truly believe that nations need to start setting up schools of mentorship, where they pull people from every sector who will empower and pass on the wisdom and knowledge they have gained in their areas of expertise. These schools must be open to all. No qualification limits must be put on who will attend these schools. You may find that those who attend may choose a different and more positive career path, which could ultimately reduce crime.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.