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Juliet is back - Cuthbert-Flynn returns to the political scene with renewed focus on education

Published:Sunday | September 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Vice-president of the Jamaica Chess Federation and chairman of the Endgame Chess Club, Peter Myers (left), instructs Rushawn Sangster and Aliea Messam (right) while councillor for the Stony Hill Division Tosha Schwapp, Member of Parliament Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn and Jessan Johnson look on.
Member of Parliament for West Rural St Andrew Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn (right) makes a presentation to principal of Red Hills Basic School Sharon Young while some of the students look on.

Member of Parliament for West Rural St Andrew, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, has returned to her political duties seven weeks after giving birth.

The MP, who is also a five-time Olympian, resumed her representational work with a renewed focus on her education agenda.

Thirty students attending tertiary institutions recently benefited from financial aid from Cuthbert-Flynn a timely gesture as many would have ended up foregoing their education without the assistance.

Cuthbert-Flynn has also donated a computer system to the Red Hills Basic School and six chess playing boards to the Stony Hill Primary and Junior High School.


Education system


"I've stressed many times the importance of improving our education system if we want to develop as a nation," said Cuthbert-Flynn.

"These initiatives are a part of the bigger plan to empower the young people of West Rural St Andrew so they can have a more fulfilled life," added the first-time MP.

Cuthbert-Flynn had a resounding victory in the February 25 general election winning by almost 2,000 while dealing with her pregnancy.

Throughout her campaign she said education, water and proper road infrastructure would be her focus.

She added that the dynamics of education training are constantly evolving and that the introduction of chess in schools is a reflection of that.

The MP has partnered with the Jamaica Chess Federation (JCF) and plans to introduce the game to schools throughout her constituency to support education development. The initiative will be launched at the Stony Hill Primary and Junior High School, Lawrence Tavern Primary and Red Hills Primary.

Peter Myers, vice-president of the JCF and chairman of the Endgame Chess Club, will be leading the programme starting with the Stony Hill Primary and Junior High School.


Improved results


"One of the most important innovations in education is the introduction of chess in schools to facilitate improved results," said Myers.

"In a recent study conducted on students from grades two to five in Armenia over a two-year period, it showed that chess lessons can promote positive development in students in the areas of logical thinking, creativity, memory and intellect, among others," added Myers.

Cuthbert-Flynn also pointed out that along with her education plans, a major rehabilitation project has begun on the Mount Salus Main Road in an effort to improve the quality of life for residents in that area.