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Tech Times | Two ways to use Snapchat to win customers - The key is that the ads don't force you to leave Snapchat while you shop

Published:Monday | September 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Snapchat users on the Refinery29 channel saw an Uber ad recently that allowed them to swipe up to see ride times. If they saw a time that worked for them, they could request that a driver pick them up at that time, letting them take action from directly within Snapchat. This served as an early example of the future of Snapchat's Shoppable ads, which increase conversions by encouraging action directly within the app.

Uber's ad was a good example of how brands can use Snapchat to reach one of the most desirable demographics on social media. Snapchat attracts younger consumers who are still forming their opinions on various brands. But it's important to learn as much as possible about the platform to find a way to create ads that connect with customers. Here are a few things your business should know about using Snapchat to win new customers.


Finding the Right Channel


Brands are launching their ads through applicable channels on the app, which gets the content in front of the very customers who are most likely to take action on it. For instance, LancÙme and Target chose Cosmopolitan's Discover channel for its shoppable ads, squeezing their marketing messages into articles that attract the very type of customers their own stores generally get.


Using Branded Content


One of the most interesting developments in Snapchat ads is its sponsored content, which allows brands to add branded articles to the site's regular ad format. When customers swipe up on an ad, they're redirected to an informative article that provides information that subtly promotes a particular product or service. To be successful on the image-driven site, businesses should use a combination of text and photos or GIFs.