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Monday night murder... the MoBay reality

Published:Tuesday | September 27, 2016 | 10:13 AM
Police personnel process a crime scene in Irwin Heights, St James, last night.

“Quiet! That was a gunshot!” shouted The Gleaner's team leader trying to be heard above the discussions of six other media men who had spent the past 12 hours coming face-to-face with the reality of what is now Montego Bay, St James.

“Bam, bam!”  Two more explosions quickly followed making the silence almost deafening as members of The Gleaner team paused dinner at their hotel in western city last night and listened for what would be next.

"Boy you ears good.  Mi never hear the first one but me hear the next two,” declared one team member, fork paused in mid-flight. 

Then came the sirens as emergency vehicles rushed past the gate of the hotel triggering  members of the team into making a flurry of phone calls to try to find out what had happened.

Before long it was confirmed: a man had been shot dead in Irwin.

Suddenly team members were calling for ‘doggie bags’ to pack away the half-eaten steam fish, oxtail, curried goat and a chicken meal that no one could pronounce the name of, but which looked appetizing on a pasta base with cheese sprinkled liberally on the top.

With ‘Barny’ at the wheels, it was off to Irwin Heights.

After fighting the traffic through the town of Montego Bay, it was time to play hopscotch with the potholes  in search of the all too familiar crime scene tape in the western parish.

IN PHOTO: Police personnel at the crime scene in Irwin

In Irwin now, and there was indeed the crime scene tape, several parked cars, a group of residents angry at being prevented from entering their homes because of the murder on the road and curious onlookers trying to determine who was the 199th victim of the crime wave which has been impacting St James since the start of this year.

The victim was only identified as ‘Butt Head’ and it is believed that his killing could be a reprisal for an earlier attack on a near-by community the previous day which left four persons nursing gunshot wounds.

Residents would say nothing.

It's the same problem the police have been encountering despite their pleas for information that could help to capture the men of the west intent on spreading mayhem in a parish heavily dependent on tourism.

Two hours later, it was a more subdued team that left the crime scene having come face to face with the reality with which so many residents of Montego Bay have been living since the start of this year.