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Published:Tuesday | September 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM

We created a stir with the vox pop that we carried last week, asking whether persons over 50 should go home and make way for younger people in the labour force. We got more than just feedback. We were even upbraided for asking a 'stupid question' and for 'creating public mischief'.

Calm down, people! We just overheard the discussions and decided to get an idea of what the general thinking was.

Here are some of the responses:

Juju Brown

"Definitely not! ....What kind of a stupid and ridiculous question is this ...? This country would sink if this happens. First thing, young people don't believe in paying taxes and bills.They are so into entitlement. Repatriation and repropration (sic) [reparation?] is all they talk about. You people better put cold water in this thought. ...kmt."


At 50, you are still young for work. I will be 50 soon. I would hate to know that I stop work."


"The person who came with this question should be jailed for public mischief."


"Definitely not, and not even 70s, because people are living longer, and 60s is the new 40. Fifty is too young to retire."

Sally Williamson

"I am way past 50 and I have a wonderful job in the United States. I don't feel much different from when I was 35 years old and in this country it would be a clear case of discrimination. Experience will always count. Young people, please remember that you will be older one day too."


"While it would reduce unemployment, the country would be left paying pensions for about the same number of years as people had worked. It would create a great financial hardship...we need to create jobs."


"No, they still have a lot to contribute. At this age, they should be looking to mentor that replacement to hand over in the next 10 years. Don't want you working till 100."

Shawn Davis

"I agree experience teaches wisdom, but I do believe (so) 100 per cent. With thousands leaving schools yearly, the only way the system will keep turning over new prospects is for the over-50 to give way for the youngsters. By 50, I think you should have planted a solid foundation and acquired the necessities of life needed for you to cruise to 100."