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The MoBay story ... Another day, another death, another dinner delayed

Published:Wednesday | September 28, 2016 | 5:26 PM
A policeman wipes sweat from his face while on duty in a St James community where the security forces have increased the number of personnel on the ground.

Athur Hall, Senior News Editor

There was an eerie similarity between last evening and the period after sunset the day before.

After a hard day touring troubled communities of the crime-plagued St James, it was back to the Montego Bay-based hotel for The Gleaner's special assignment team out west to prepare their stories for today’s publications.

In the dining room, two members of the team were recounting their 'heroic' efforts in earlier helping to save a woman who almost drowned in the hotel pool when the group leader shouted "roll out".

That was the signal that criminals had again struck and it was time to go searching for yet another crime scene.

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IN PHOTO: A policeman allows a vehicle to pass a crime scene on St James - Jermaine Barnaby photo

With 'Barney' again behind the wheels, the team set out for Barnett Street.

In front of a household store there, detectives were processing a murder scene - victim number 200 since the start of the year.

Outside the boundaries of the crime scene tape, it was business as usual, as scores of vendors tried to woo the next customer.

Among the vendors was a cook shop operator.

"Mi have fry chicken, stew beef, stew peas, soup…," he said, seemingly to one team member.

"Other people can pack up and go home but mi can’t carry this and put on my shelve until tomorrow," the cook shop operator continued.

As usual, no one on the busy street saw or heard anything and no one seemed willing to say if he or she knew the victim.

Soon it became obvious that no further detail would be obtained at the scene and so it was back to the hotel for what would be a late dinner.