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Police, soldiers swarm Glendevon

Published:Wednesday | September 28, 2016 | 10:25 AM
Police on patrol in the Glendevon community of St James on Tuesday.

Corey Robinson, Staff Reporter

The usually volatile community of Glendevon, St James was relatively quiet yesterday as police and soldiers swarmed the area creating a buffer between rival gangsters bent on gnawing at each other's throats. 

"Today (Tuesday) is a good day for us in Glendevon. Nothing has happened today. In fact, ever since the incident last Tuesday where a man was killed in this lane, everything has been calm," said inspector Stanley Gordon, the sub-officer in charge of the Glendevon police district.

"Policing this area is very challenging because we know the situation that we are facing, based on the weapons these men are firing and so on. But we have our training and we know how to utilise those, should any problems arise," added Gordon, as he patrolled the area in search of wanted men.

For long-time resident Shawner Murray, while the action of the police is now welcome more needs to be done to achieve a long-term solution to the crime problem in Glendevon.

According to Murray, more needs to be done to influence the children who have not yet grown susceptible to the lottery scam culture influencing much of the crime in western Jamaica.

"It starts from the family. I don't know why we are so surprised when this was something that was building up for so long," said Murray.

IN PHOTO: Soldiers and police on patrol in the Paradise Row community in Montego Bay, St James yesterday.