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Al Miller backtracks ... now appealing corruption conviction

Published:Thursday | September 29, 2016 | 5:36 PM
Al Miller was earlier this month fined $1 million or 12 months in prison for attempting to pervert the course of justice

Popular pastor, the Reverend Al Miller has backtracked on his earlier position that he would not appeal his conviction for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

In a statement this afternoon, his lead attorney Jacqueline Samuels Brown said Miller has reviewed his immediate and initial reaction to his conviction and has now given instructions for the filing of an appeal. 

IN PHOTO: Jacqueline Samuels Brown

"This is based on legal advice, the urgings of many and his own prayerful reflections on all that transpired leading up to, at and since his trial," Samuels Brown said.

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She said Miller has instructed that based on the factors it is important for the Court of Appeal to consider and rule on the important legal issues arising from his case.

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According to Samuels Brown these including Jamaica’s relationship with other countries, particularly in the context of extradition matters and as well the relationship between the citizen and the police.

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She said Miller has reaffirmed his respect for the decision of the trial judge and the judicial process of which appeals are of seminal importance and a legitimate right afforded to all citizens.

"He is now content to await the deliberation and ruling of the Court of Appeal," Samuels Brown said.