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Resting after 107 years

Published:Thursday | September 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM


There was a great outpouring of love, respect, and tears for the passing of 107-year-old Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) stalwart Mitella Woolery, whose body was laid to rest following her funeral at the Vaughansfield SDA Church in Vaughansfield, Maroon Town, recently.

Family, friends. and well-wishers from all walks of life, including members of the clergy and government representatives, gathered to say their final farewells to the centenarian, who was born in Sunderland, St James, on March 8, 1909, and who had been an active and wide-reaching member of the SDA denomination since her baptism in 1938.

The elderly Woolery, affectionately known as 'Miss Mitty' and 'Mum,' was married for 14 years to husband Samuel prior to his death in 1952. The couple raised seven children, and following her husband's passing, she single-handedly brought up her children as a farmer of banana, yam, and sugar cane and as a small-business entrepreneur, selling her homemade pastries at the Vaughansfield SDA Church School's front gate.

In reading the eulogy, daughter Nora Woolery described her mother as a faithful Christian who was loyal to her friends and loved ones.

"One of the most important things in Mum's life was her faith in God. Her life reflected the ideals of her faith," Woolery said while reading the eulogy. "She was confident and determined, and some would say a little stubborn. She was consistent and forcefully loyal to those who were blessed to be in her life. She taught us how to love and respect each other."




"Our mother was a hard-working small-business owner, and everything she did, God blessed her. She was a faithful steward and demonstrated obedience by returning her tithes and offerings," the younger Woolery added. "Though she is gone, she has left the legacy of her love and perseverance."

Besides being a founding member of the Vaughansfield SDA Church, Miss Mitty served as the church organist and choir director and as a deaconess. She also lived for a time in Coral Gardens, Montego Bay, and attended the Ironshore and Mount Salem SDA churches.

President of the Jamaica Union of Seventh-Day Adventists Pastor Everett Brown hailed Woolery for her many years of service to the Church.