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Warmington reacts to Arscott's concerns over Hurricane Matthew preparation money

Published:Saturday | October 1, 2016 | 9:10 PM

Romario Scott, Gleaner Writer

Everald Warmington, the State Minister in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation with responsibility for works, says the government is continuing the cleaning of drains and gullies islandwide in preparation for hurricane Matthew.

He said the old capital, Spanish Town was among the areas of focus and parts of St Thomas Eastern have also received attention.

On Saturday, Warmington responded to concerns by the Opposition spokesman on Local Government Noel Arscott that more needs to be done to prepare for the storm, now at category four.

IN PHOTO: Everald Warmington

According to Arcott, the government needs to allocate an additional $500 million to $800 million to ensure that more critical drains are cleaned.

"I do not know where Arscott has got his figures from. Why didn’t he clean the drains when he was in power? It has only been seven months since he left," Warmington said.

He continued: "It is very obvious that when we have situations like these, there is never enough funds to do everything... Had he done his job while he was minister we probably would not have been in the situation we are now.”

The government has instructed parish councils to use money from the Parochial Revenue Fund and told Members of Parliament that $100 million will be advanced from their Constituency Development Fund to finance hurricane preparation activities.

IN PHOTO: A work crew clearing a section of the Palisadoes main road this morning.

Warmington says partisan politics should be avoided as Jamaica prepares for Matthew because the government is working as best as it can under financial constraints.

In the meantime, Warmington says it is unfortunate that a section of the Gordon Town road in St Andrew East Rural is being severely compromised as only recently, a contract was awarded for works to be done there. 

“We had hoped to start it, but this situation has come right on the heels of the contract being issued,” he said.