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Eyes on Matthew

Published:Tuesday | October 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Storm surge affecting the seaside town of Annotto Bay, St Mary. Here, waves wash up against the health centre, which is located along the coast.
These persons were on their way to a shelter in Manchioneal, Portland, on Sunday.
A woman from Port Arthur Lane in Annotto Bay, St Mary, and her child, make their way to a nearby shelter.
Some persons, including this woman and her child, heeded the call from the authorities to vacate flood-prone areas in Portland. They were seen at a shelter in Manchioneal, Portland.
A woman attends to her supplies in the shelter at Manchioneal, Portland.
Street people at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on Hanover Street in downtown Kingston wait for the passage of Hurricane Matthew yesterday. Some of them had to be forcibly removed from the streets on Sunday night.
Raymond Harvey, 79, a former fisherman from the Rae Town Fishing Village, says he was taking no chances and moved into the Paradise Street Basic School, which is being used as a shelter for the passage of Hurricane Matthew.
Ava-Gaye Wilson (left) and Shelly-Ann Robinson make themselves comfortable on a cot at the National Arena, which is being used as a shelter because of the passage of Hurricane Matthew.
Sea has made its way onto the Leith Hall main road in St. Thomas
This man is taking steps to secure his property before Hurricane Matthew gets here. He was spotted in Golden Grove, eastern St Thomas on Monday.
Sections of Trafalgar Road were transformed into mini rivers following torrential rainfall on Sunday afternoon.

Hurricane Matthew has been threatening Jamaica for more than a day now. Forecasters say it is strong and could dump lots of water on the country, enough to cause total destruction to property and threaten lives.

But Hurricane Matthew has been slow in coming and so many Jamaicans are taking its approach lightly. They make fun of it on social media. One man, tongue-in-cheek, said he spent a lot in preparation and wanted his money's worth of hurricane. But others are taking it seriously and the necessary precautions as well. Some of the flooding that we have seen so far prove that they are sensible.

Here are some pictures taken across the island.