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Major Brown - Cookie laid to rest

Published:Tuesday | October 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Major Brown

Major Oswald Brown, otherwise known as Cookie, Ossie, Brother Oswald, Dad, Daddy, and Grandpa was "a precious gift" to family and friends.

He was born on April 10, 1952 and was raised by his grandfather Cyril Cooke in Catadoupa St James. As a young boy 'Cookie' moved to Jones Town, Kingston. He later met and married Monica and the union produced three children Kisha-Ann, Karl and Karlene. Oswald overcame difficulties with determination and a keen sense of humour. Despite earlier reading problems he was determined to succeed so he started a habit of reading daily.

When his daughter Karlene was not given a chance to do the Common Entrance Examination at her school he ensured she was properly prepared for the exam by sending her to extra classes and furnishing her with every Common Entrance text on the market. Cookie believed taking risks was part of life whether it was in business, at the domino table or at a board game.

He was an avid reader so he subscribed to National Geographic, Newsweek and Popular Mechanics. His shortwave radios kept him informed of events worldwide.

Undoubtedly being a student of Trench Town Comprehensive High School, where he was head boy, played a major role in his zest for knowledge and guided his career choice. He remained closely connected to the school, community and alumni association up to shortly before he passed. Cookie joined the Jamaica Defence Force in 1974 and was passionate about his job.

He was able to see beauty even when others couldn't. His favourite piece among his collections was one by Ken Spencer. His appreciation for art reflected his appreciation for life and its diversities. He always tried to know what was happening so that he could relate to everyone, especially young people.

His children, grandchildren, in laws, friends and colleagues are saddened by the passing of this great man but feel enriched because of the positive impact he has had on, and in their lives. The discipline, values, respect and love for mankind, determination and sense of humour are footprints that will guide them as they create their own paths in life.