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Children Get Books from Palmyra Foundation

Published:Thursday | October 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Children happily peruse the books they received from the Palmyra Foundation.
From left: Alsion Roache, Palmyra Foundation volunteer; Christine Scott-Brown, executive director, National Baking Company Foundation; Palmyra Foundation board member Frank Perolli; Alyson Orgill, development officer at the Early Childhood Commission; and Glen Christian, chairman of the Union Gardens Early Childhood Foundation share a happy moment with students of the Union Gardens Infant School in South St Andrew, all of whom have a bag of books and supplies.

Under the slogan 'The future is bright, when you can read and write', the Palmyra Foundation's Books4Kids Jamaica programme is dedicated to providing books to four and five year-old pre-k and kindergarten children in infant schools across Jamaica. This year, 120 schools and 11,000 kindergarten children across Jamaica will benefit from the programme.

Since its start-up in 2007, more than 130 international volunteers have helped provide more than 170,000 books to 51,592 children in 130 schools across Jamaica's 14 parishes. To date, the Palmyra Foundation has donated books valued at over US$1m. The Palmyra Foundation is a non-profit charity registered in Jamaica and the United States.