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Doctor's Advice | Is it shrinking?

Published:Saturday | October 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Q Doc, I am a guy who is convinced that my organ is shrinking. Is this possible?

I am 17, and last week for the first time in my life I went with a girl. (We did follow your advice, and used a condom.)

She seemed quite happy with everything, but I was not! I just felt that my organ was much smaller than it used to be. During sex, I felt as if it was only around three inches long.

Is this possible, Doc? I have seen on the net where there is a condition called 'shrinking penis syndrome.' Have I got it?

A Well, 'shrinking penis syndrome' is a psychological condition which is quite common in some countries, but not in Jamaica. It mostly occurs in Malaysia and China. And it is also known as 'Koro.' You can look this word up on the Internet, if you wish.

It is caused from anxiety and fear about the size of the male organ. Typically, a young man starts to fret that his penis is getting smaller. As his nervousness increases, that releases anxiety chemicals into his bloodstream. And these have the effect of making his organ even tinier - rather like what happens in cold weather or a cold shower.

I am rather doubtful that your penis was 'only three inches long' during sex. But what you should do now is to go to a doctor and have your equipment checked out. I am sure he will be able to reassure you that all is normal.

Q Hi, Doctor. I started my menses around three years ago, and around a year after that, they became extremely painful. That has continued most months since then, and painkillers are usually not enough to help me. This is affecting my studies.

Is it all in the mind?

A No, it certainly isn't. The truth is that a high proportion of teenage girls get quite severe period pain at times - mainly because the womb (which is still pretty small) is contracting in an effort to expel the menstrual blood.

A generation or two back, many doctors believed that this pain was largely psychological. They often advised these poor young women to 'pull themselves together'.

Then the Pill arrived - and suddenly, most of the young ladies who went on it found that they lost their period pain. So much for the idea that it was psychological.

What you should do now is to go and see a nice, helpful doc. She will check you and discuss with you whether going on the Pill, or some similar hormone preparation, would remove your period pain. My guess is that it would.

Q Does it hurt to have a coil put in, Doc? I am keen on having sex with my fiancÈ and I want to try that method.

A Well yes, the insertion is often rather painful, especially in young women who have never been pregnant. This is because their wombs are smaller than those of ladies who have had children.

But, usually, the pain does not last long. With luck, it will be all over in a few minutes. Nevertheless, I would make two recommendations:

- Beforehand, take a dose of aspirin or paracetamol;

- If you have a car, do not attempt to drive yourself home because you might be a little bit shaken.

Q Doctor, I somehow splashed over the front of my girlfriend's pants last night when we were 'fooling around'. Because of this, we are worried! By the way, we are both 18.

Do you think she will become pregnant?

A That is most unlikely. Many young couples do crazy things like letting the young guy's 'man-fluid' get on to the gusset of the young lady's pants.

This is not to be recommended, but, in practice, the chances that the sperm will find their way through the material into the vagina and up to the womb are not very high.

However, please take more care. And if there is the slightest chance that you and your girlfriend are going to progress to having intercourse, then the two of you should consult a doctor for advice about contraception. Do not take any risks!

Q I am a deeply ashamed young woman of 21, Doctor. I allowed a smooth-talking, older man to remove my clothes and play around with me. I would not let him have full sex (that is, intercourse), but I did let him have what they call 'breast sex'. I know that it is quite a popular thing with some people, but I did not like it. In contrast, he was highly delighted and told me how exciting I was and how he wanted to see me again.

However, I was rather disgusted by all the mess and I refused to see him again - even when he offered me money. But what I want to know is whether he could have given me any sexual transmitted infection (STI) through that breast sex?

A Well, I think you were very wise to 'dump' him! When young women start accepting gifts of money from older, richer guys, they are dangerously near to prostitution.

As far as 'breast sex' is concerned, you seem to be aware that many couples go in for this sometimes. One reason for this is that they regard it almost as a sort of contraception. They know that a female cannot get pregnant this way.

Breast sex has become more popular in recent years, thanks to the fact that major American women's magazines (like Cosmopolitan) have devoted articles to it and have stated that it is quite a nice thing to do.

Be that as it may, I think you can be reassured about one thing; it is very nearly impossible for breast sex to give anyone an STI. There are very rare exceptions to this rule - for instance, if a guy has syphilis.

However, I feel that there is practically no chance that this older guy has given you any infection in your breasts or elsewhere.

Q My girlfriend fears she is pregnant by me. Would that 'after-sex Pill' work for us?

Unfortunately, it is now 10 days since we had sex, Doc.

A I am afraid that is far too late. There are now two main types of so-called 'morning-after pill' in the world.

One of them has to be taken within 72 hours (that is, three days) of sex. The other has to be swallowed within 120 hours (five days) of exposure. Beyond those limits, these tablets will not work.

There is also what is called the post-coital coil or 'after-sex coil'. But that, too, has be used within five days of taking a sexual risk. Sorry.

Q I am female, age 18. Doc, I have had a couple of wild dreams in which I had sex with other girls. The dreams were quite enjoyable, but left me feeling guilty in the morning.

Do you think that this kind of dreaming indicates that I am really a lesbian?

A No I don't. Lots of young women have wild night-time dreams in which crazy, sexy things happen. That's just how some dreams are.

Admittedly, it is always possible that you are going to turn out gay, but at the moment, we don't really have any substantial evidence for that.

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