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Shanice finding her way back home

Published:Saturday | October 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr
Shanice Richards in a relaxing mood at her workplace.

Stony Hill, Portland

With the belief that Jamaica was spared the onslaught of hurricane Matthew by Gods intervention, Shanice Richards a 23-year-old back-sliding Seventh day Adventist is contemplating a return to the fold.

Richards, who was baptised at age 12 years, was in a jubilant mood when speaking to Family & Religion while heaping praise on Jesus Christ for sparing her and other family members from Matthew, which was the most powerful storm to have entered the Caribbean since 2007.

"We were spared only through the mercies of Jesus Christ," commented Richards.

She added, "Despite been a backslider for 11 years, I have not forgotten how to pray. And prayer saved the day for us, as Jamaica is a praying nation that believes in the Almighty God. I have had my moments of reflection and I yearn to return to my Christian life, however I am hindered by not having a husband. I still attend church from time to time, but I am hoping to do so full-time in short order."

According to Richards, her decision to get baptised 11 years ago was as a result of been pressured by family and church members, as clearly she was not ready then. She, however, noted that whenever it happens again, it will be for the right reason as her heart is now centred on serving the Lord.

And Richards, who also took time out to blast the doubters for holding to the belief that the hurricane was never any serious threat to Jamaica, cautioned them to rethink their position, as it was only Gods presence and saving grace that ensures our safety daily.

Continuing, Richards said , "God wakes us up each day and keeps us in our right frame of mind. Let us not be ungrateful or take things for granted. The greatest act of God in recent days is that of the hurricane, which made a 90 per cent turn at the last minute to travel east of Jamaica through to Southern Haiti, a turn which is unprecedented."