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Tech Times | Two cameras are better than one

Published:Monday | October 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Not so long ago we got our hands on the Huawei Mate 8, and it was a fabulous phone. Here we are months later and the new hot desirable product that's out for Huawei is the Huawei P9. The Huawei P9 is the new flagship smartphone from Huawei that adds some cool new features compared to it predecessor, but is it enough to convince buyers?


Huawei P9 Specification


o OS Android v6.0 (Marshmallow)

o Fingerprint scanner

o Dual 12MP rear camera and 8MP front facing camera

o Dual LED flash

o CPU: Quad-core 2.5 GHz Cortex-A72 + quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex A53

o Micro SD Card Support

o 5.2 inches (1080 * 1920 pixels)

o 3000 mAh battery

o 3 GB Of RAM

o 32GB of internal storage

Seriously, looking on the specification for the P9, you can see some striking similarities to the Huawei Mate 8. Somehow, they found a way to stuff all the goodness of the Mate 8 into a smaller package and call it the Huawei P9.


Camera Quality


The Huawei P9 has not one but two12 MP rear cameras that are quick to focus and take photos with an impressive depth. It's really impressive to see what these two cameras can produce with a simple point and click. Then there is the front camera that looks better than most rear cameras on other phones. Also, the cameras on the Huawei P9 has a myriad of features to choose from when taking photo or doing videos like good food, light painting, beauty video, time lapse, and the list goes on. Although, there are many good things to say about this camera, there are also some bad things that stand out while taking photos. The cameras tend to oversaturate colours for photos on some occasions. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, the photo comes out not so good, aka, mugly.




Just like the Huawei Mate 8, the LCD screen on this phone is very good, but it suffers a bit when you try to use it in direct sunlight. You'll have to turn up the display brightness to see what you are looking for or trying to read. Otherwise, the Huawei P9 5.2 inch display does an excellent job in playing videos and picture viewing, but, as always, there is room for improvement.


Build Quality and Design


The Huawei P9 is a small and compact phone, but that doesn't stop it from being jam-packed with features and enclosed in a wonderful design shell. The P9 has Gorilla Glass 4 covering the display and metal covering everywhere else on the phone, similar to the Mate8. The phone also feels extremely comfortable and smooth in your hands, and if you're not careful, it might just slip out of your hands too. The location of the fingerprint scanner is at the back of the device below the two main cameras, just like the Mate 8. Also, just like the Mate 8 fingerprint scanner, it is fast, responsive and located at a comfortable position on the phone to use it effectively.




The Huawei P9 is a phone that anyone would enjoy using. It's very responsive and comes with 3GB of ram, which is more than enough to keep it from slowing down. Plus, the Octa-Core processor and the Mali GPU in this phone handled all the current games I ran on it without much heat. My only concern still is the lack of split-screen application that would push you to do more multitasking on your phone.


Finally Thoughts


The Huawei P9 is a small phone that can do big things. It's not perfect, and it may have some shortcomings, like the lack of fast charge and the poor viewing angles in direct sunlight, but it's just a minor setback to the pursuit of greatness.

Writer: Payton H. Wilmott