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Footprints | Edward Wallace - Storyteller's tale ends

Published:Tuesday | October 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

In the district of Knockalva, on December 29, 1945, Lucille Hines delivered Edward George Wallace.

Edward, who was also called 'Charlie', 'Benjie' and 'Scamp', was raised by his maternal grandparents. In the hills of Knockalva, he tended to his grandfather's animals before walking barefooted several miles to school in Bethel Town. The "adventurous" and "fearless" spirit got into much trouble, and had many tales to tell about his childhood escapades.

He worked with the Westmoreland Parish Council from 1964 to 1984. In 1974 he married Pamela whom he had met four years earlier.

The "hardworker" loved and raised animals, and enjoyed reggae music.

He migrated with his family from the land of reggae in 1987.

In New York, Wallace worked at Workmen's Circle MultiCare Center in the Bronx, until his retirement in 2008. He died on Tuesday, September 27, and was buried on Saturday, October 8 in Kensico Cemetery in Vanhalla, New York.

At the thanksgiving ceremony inside the Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle in New York, Joan Michael-Logan, a friend of Wallace, said in the eulogy, "Charlie's life after retirement was not a period at the end of the sentence. He spent many a day extending generously to others. Even though he had a series of health issues, from prostate to lung cancer to name a few, he did not allow those hurdles to limit his kindness."

The "down-to-earth" Wallace was also remembered as a great cook.

"We would be remiss if we did not add that Charlie loved to cook and cooked well, from his long days on the roads in Darliston, making up his wood fire, to the delicious fried fish that many of us are still tasting," Michael-Logan said.

"He was a story teller... there was nothing about his childhood and young adulthood that he did not mind sharing. Keep those stories going in your minds and especially to the younger generations. If not for a lesson learned, it was a good story that made you smile or laugh."

Pleasant memories of Wallace are left lingering in the minds of his wife; children, George (Jandy), Wayne (Bethune), Shaune (Charles), and Shelton; grandchildren; siblings, Linda Rose, Elaine Wallace, Sandelin Mayler-Morant, Patricia Mayler, George Wallace and Ayon Mayler; nieces; nephew; other relatives and friends