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Judge in X6 murder trial clears up ruling on social media postings

Published:Wednesday | October 19, 2016 | 1:11 PM

The Judge in the so-called X6 murder trial has sought to clarify his ruling on social media postings on the case.

Last week, the judge ordered social media posts by the family of a murder victim to be removed.

However, the Jamaican Bar Association said it noted reports about the family of Khajeel Mais harshly criticising the justice system on social media and of a Supreme Court Judge ordering the removal of the posts.

It said it raised the issue of curtailment of freedom of speech.

However, yesterday, the judge clarified that his order was not meant to stop all social media posts about the case, but those which could prejudice the trial.

Justice Lloyd Hibbert sought to make it clear that freedom of speech did not mean people can say anything they felt.

He said statements that defame the court are not permitted and people can be cited for contempt of court.

The trial took a break this morning to deal with procedural issues, but was expected to resume at noon.

Businessman, Patrick Powell, is on trial for the murder of schoolboy Kahjeel Mais.

The prosecution is alleging that 17-year-old Mais was killed in Havendale, St Andrew, in 2011 by an enraged Powell whose BMW X6 was hit by a taxi.

After the accident, Powell is alleged to have got out of his vehicle and opened fire on the taxi, hitting the schoolboy.