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1980 Hungary scholarship awardee De La Haye heads to alumni meeting

Published:Sunday | October 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
De La Haye

Jamaica's Chief Medical Officer Dr Winston De La Haye is expected to depart the island today to be among 72 individuals selected to participate in the first International Alumni meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

De La Haye has been a beneficiary of the Hungarian scholarship programme, where he studied in the discipline of medicine, one of four sections that the scholarship caters to. Now, after 36 years, he was selected from Jamaica to take part in the meeting. The other areas the scholarship extends to are politics, economic and engineering.

Jamaica has had a long-standing relationship with Hungary in the granting of scholarships for study in the various disciplines.

De La Haye will be sharing about how he has benefited from the scholarship and also how he has contributed to his country, being that he is actually one of those who went back home to serve.

"This has benefited Jamaica significantly," De La Haye told The Sunday Gleaner.

"I got the scholarship when I was at UWI (University of the West Indies) and I've met a lot of friends, some even in Havana, Cuba, who I studied with and have kept in contact. It was a wonderful experience, sharing with people from different countries and different cultures."

Winston De La Haye was offered a scholarship to Hungary in 1980 to pursue studies in General Medicine. After completing a one-year programme in Hungarian Language at the International Preparatory Institute in Budapest, he commenced his studies at the Medical Teaching University of Pecs in Pecs, Hungary, in 1981.

The meeting will run from October 23 through to October 30.

De La Haye also shared that throughout this economic crisis over the world, not many have been able to benefit from the opportunity he got. In this regard, the Hungarian government is using past beneficiaries to share their experience.