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Samuda won't apologise for 'inappropriate' comment against judge

Published:Monday | October 24, 2016 | 10:06 AM
Karl Samuda

St Andrew North Central Member of Parliament, Karl Samuda, has indicated that he will not apologise for comments he made about the role of the judiciary in the eviction saga involving resident of the 85 Red Hills Road in his constituency.

The alleged owner of the property was expected to make a second attempt to evict the occupiers last week, but at a meeting with residents, Samuda decried the judge who sanctioned the eviction.


St Andrew North Centre MP Karl Samuda speaking with TVJ last week Thursday.

The Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Mark Golding said the comment was inappropriate and called for Samuda to apologise.


Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Mark Golding

Samuda, however, said from his observation, young judges are not researching deep enough to recognise that Jamaica has laws which require the permission of the minister of housing before evictions can be ordered in certain circumstances.

He pointed to the 1977 Local Improvement (Communities Amenities) Act that was created to give basic amenities such as roadways, water supply, sewage disposal and electricity supply to communities established by people who were not expected to have permanent residence.

He said it is under that Act that the Government will be moving to acquire the property at 85 Red Hills Road.