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X6 murder trial resumes

Published:Monday | October 24, 2016 | 9:24 AM

The prosecution is to disclose today how it will proceed in the high-profile X6 murder trial in which it has had to treat its main witness as a hostile one.

Businessman Patrick Powell is on trial for the July 2011 murder of 17-year-old Kingston College student Khajeel Mais and shooting with intent in relation to Wayne Wright, the driver of the taxi in which the student was travelling when he was killed.

On Friday, lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor requested an early adjournment as Wright maintained that he did not tell investigators some of the things contained in his statements tendered in evidence.

His rejection of statements included one in which Wright reportedly told a police inspector that he saw a man named 'Nigga' come out of a BMW on the night of the shooting.

He also rejected saying he saw the man fire four shots into the taxi.

Prosecutors believe businessman Powell fired into a taxi killing the schoolboy after the taxi collided with his BMW X6 luxury vehicle.

Justice Lloyd Hibbert is presiding at the trial.