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Footprints | Cynthia Etta Jennings-Walters - Her dynamism was contagious

Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Cynthia Etta Jennings-Walters

Ninety-year-old Cynthia Etta Jennings-Walters was eulogised by her son George Anthony Walters and daughter Dr Ann-Marie Walters-Smith in the form of a liturgy and the acronym CYNTHIA.

Caring, creative, compassion and colourful are few of the words used to describe this stalwart whose generosity knew no bounds. She was warm, friendly and had such a level of empathy that she felt the pain of others.

Youthfulness characterised Cynthia. She was full of energy and enthusiasm. She had a zest for life and was usually 'head cook and bottle washer' in any project she deemed worthy. Her dynamism was contagious

Natural leader and teacher, nurse - Cynthia always had an action plan and effortlessly engaged others in her pursuits. She was a nurse in whatever context she was in. She provided care at Chapleton and Spaldings hospitals. She was a travelling nurse with Jamaica Milk products for over 25 years. For more than 15 years, she operated the Little Nest at her home. This was a place of safety and comfort for abandoned and disadvantaged children.




Talented and true friend - Cynthia's mouth-watering gizzadas, Christmas pudding, hams, jams and Jellies are among her famous delights. She was a dressmaker and interior decorator, farmer, horticulturist, and singer. Her wonderful soprano enriched the church choir.

Homemaker, high standards - She made her home comfortable and attractive so that everyone would be comfortable. Her vibrant personality was reflected in her actions and love for colours even in her speech. She was very organised and insisted that anything worth doing must be done well.

Initiative, innovative, invincible - She was constantly designing and executing new projects. She earned the nickname "patches" because she could repair anything, whether the car engine, a water pump or broken dreams and shattered hopes. She was a strong woman who scaled life's challenges.

Amazing mother - Cynthia was self-sacrificing. Although she had only two biological children, she literally raised hundreds of children. She loved and cared for them all. Her love was limitless.