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Police ask for revocation of Powell's gun licence

Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 12:19 PM
Patrick Powell enters his vehicle after leaving court yesterday.

The Police High Command has recommended that the Firearm Licensing Authority revoke the gun licence of businessman Patrick Powell.

Powell was yesterday freed of the murder of schoolboy Khajeel Mais and shooting with intent in relation to taxi driver Wayne Wright during a July 2011 incident.

According to the Police High Command, as part of its preparation for the trial which ended yesterday, on July 10, 2011 it executed a search warrant on Powell's Havendale home.

However, the police say his weapon was not found.

Powell was picked up at the Norman Manley International Airport on ‎July 11, 2011 following his return from overseas. ‎

The police say he was taken into custody and questioned that same day about the incident and the whereabouts of his firearm. 

According to the police, on the instructions of his attorney, he refused to answer and was subsequently served with a notice under the Firearm's Act to hand over his firearm.

The police say he indicated that on the instructions of his lawyer he would not hand it over.

The police say the database at the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) was checked, but the ballistic signature of Powell's firearm had not yet been captured.

The police say at the time of the incident, the FLA was just implementing the new system and had only reached surnames that began with 'C'. 

As a result, Powell’s firearm information was not yet in their database.

The police say it also investigated allegations that a Deputy Superintendent had assisted Powell to hide the murder weapon.

According to the police, the Anti-Corruption Branch, under the leadership of the then Assistant Commissioner Justin Felice, launched an investigation, which included a search of the house of the Deputy Superintendent.

It said in the end, the Anti-Corruption Branch found nothing to support the allegation that the Deputy Superintendent was involved.