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Police defend investigation of X6 case

Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 8:56 AM

The police are defending their role in the investigation of the so-called X6 case.

The High Command says the Police did everything that was expected to be done to ensure the successful prosecution of the murder case against Powell.

The police have responded to criticisms about the lack of firearm evidence in the case.

The High Command recalls that the Police executed a search warrant on July 10, 2011, at Powell’s house in Havendale, but Powell was not at home and the firearm was not found.

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It further states that Powell was picked up at the airport the following day and questioned that same day about the incident and the whereabouts of his firearm. 

The police say, on the instructions of his Attorney, Powell refused to answer and was subsequently served with a notice to hand over his firearm.

Powell reportedly indicated that on the instructions of his lawyer he would not hand it over.

The police say the firearm was never handed over to them and this hindered investigators from securing critical forensic evidence and conducting the necessary analysis and comparison of material found at the crime scene and bullet fragments retrieved from the Khajeel’s body.

The police further explain that the database at the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) was checked, but the ballistic signature of Powell's firearm had not yet been captured.

It says at the time of the incident, the FLA was just implementing a new system and had only reached surnames that began with 'C'.

As such, Powell’s firearm information was not yet in their database.

Letters were subsequently, written to the Chairman of FLA requesting that Powell’s firearm license be revoked.

In further explaining the efforts made to secure the weapon, the police note their search of the house of a Deputy Superintendent of police alleged to have been hiding the weapon.

However, the High Command says in the end the Anti Corruption Branch found nothing to support the allegation that the Deputy Superintendent was complicit in the disappearance of the firearm.

Powell was charged for Failing to Hand over the Firearm to Investigators for Inspection.

That case is still pending in the St Andrew Parish Court.