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Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM

A bunch of obviously frustrated readers have joined in the discussion on how the red tape is choking the life out of Jamaica's growth potential.

Last week, Dennis Chung, chief executive officer of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), led a discussion, talking about the billions of dollars in potential investments, which has been diverted elsewhere because of red tape and how ridiculous some of the red tape is.

Imagine, if you will, an investment opportunity went through the door because a grammatical error was found in a request for a proposal.

So our readers joined the discussion.


"We sit and talk so much about what we are going to do, and when the time actually comes to implement or even to start the ground work, no one does anything," said Jaded876. "Our government operates at a snail pace with so many different agencies that are involved in the process and so many different fees smh."

D.D.T. joined in: "Can I tell you? I am trying to register a sole trader in the extreme west of the island. I have to travel to Kingston to do it. Now, it's out of the love for my country why I am even bothering to register and pay taxes smh..."

Jaded876, giving support, said he was glad that D.D.T. had not given up on his pursuit of starting his business, to which D.D.T. replied: "Thanks man. I fully support contributing to nation building."

Michael Duberson: "You are right, Mr (Dennis) Chung. So let's get rid of the freeloaders who don't want to work and hire people who do. These are political appointments who could care less about getting anything done. Fire them. They are robbing the taxpayers.

Why not permanently get rid of these bureaucracies entirely and just have a simple one-page form for people to fill out and it must be approved today! No more 'soon come'."


We think the discussion should continue. Write to us and tell us:


a. What is some of the red tape that you have encountered that has hindered investments and the start up of businesses in Jamaica?

b. Give us examples of what people are doing to get around the red tape.

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