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Bar association rejects Samuda's claim judge should not be tolerated

Published:Wednesday | October 26, 2016 | 5:45 PM
McGregor ... Samuda’s comment should be repudiated.

The Jamaican Bar Association has rejected as unfortunate and ill-considered a recent statement by St Andrew North Central MP Karl Samuda criticising a judge.

Samuda was speaking last week at the scene of a protest at 85 Red Hills Road where a judge had ordered the eviction of several people said to have been squatting.

"Any Judge who declares that a person who claims to own the land, whether it is so or not, has the right to evict the people is not to be tolerated," said Samuda, who on Monday insisted he would not apologise.

IN PHOTO: Karl Samuda

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The president of the Jamaican Bar Association, Sherry Ann McGregor, says Samuda’s comment is worthy of collective rejection. 

According to McGregor, Jamaica is a parliamentary system of democracy that holds firm to the principle of separation of powers and Samuda should encourage respect for the principle.

"Minister Samuda's comments went beyond mere criticism of a judge's decision and, as a Minister of Government and Member of Parliament, he must recognise that the comments made by him could be interpreted as a call to ignore court rulings and treat them with contempt," McGregor said.

She noted that Samuda’s comment should not be tolerated and called for civic minded persons to repudiate it.