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Stop unnecessary burning!

Published:Wednesday | October 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Commissioner of the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) Errol Mowatt is urging the public to desist from the unnecessary burning of debris, especially under unsuitable weather conditions.

"We burn everything, we burn everywhere, regardless of the weather. Heed the message of the Jamaica Fire Brigade [and] reduce burning; and if you really have to burn, it

must be under the most controlled circumstances," he emphasised.

The commissioner was speaking at the launch of Fire Safety Awareness Week 2016 at the York Park Fire Station in Kingston on Monday.

Mowatt said the week, which will involve several activities, aims to sensitise the public about proper safety strategies to assist in reducing fires.

The commissioner is also calling on Jamaicans to stop making malicious false calls to the fire brigade, as this causes unnecessary expenditure on the part of the brigade and the Government.

"Prank calls waste resources. When you have to respond you have to turn out the unit and once this happens, there is wear and tear on it and you use fuel," Mowatt pointed out.


"More importantly, prank calls take away the resources we have, which are limited, that may require us to respond to a real situation when we are out responding to prank calls," he added.

The commissioner noted that while the practice continues to exist, it has been steadily declining.

Statistics provided by the JFB indicate that the practice of persons making malicious false calls amounted to 525 in 2012; however, between January and September of this year, the figure has been reduced by 232 to 293.

This year's Fire Safety Awareness Week is being observed under the theme 'Don't Burn Carelessly: Uncontrolled Burning Brings Death and Destruction'.