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Police: Eight tips to stay safe during flooding

Published:Thursday | October 27, 2016 | 11:18 AM

Due to the current weather system affecting the island, the police have issued the following flood safety tips to the public.

1. Flash floods occur in a short spate of time. As soon as they start, be quick, keep safe and ensure that children and elderly are safe.

2. DO NOT drive through the heavy water as moving water can sweep you away.

3. Be mindful, and carefully traverse areas prone to landslides.

4. Try to keep away from flood water as it may contain hazardous materials.

5. Avoid flooded areas, and DO NOT attempt to cross waterways such as rivers, gullies and fords.

6. Be prepared to evacuate if you live in flood prone or low-lying areas.

7. Monitor your radio and television for weather updates.

8. If you need information or assistance, contact Police Emergency at 119, the nearest police station, the Fire Brigade at 110 or other emergency services.