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We are ambassadors of God - pastor

Published:Friday | October 28, 2016 | 11:06 PMTamara Bailey
Pastor Latoya Smythe-Forbes, a powerful woman of God.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

In a world marred by sin and shaped in iniquity, it is easy for individuals to become depressed and lose hope in Jesus, but Pastor Latoya Smythe-Forbes is today giving hope to the hopeless and encouraging children of God to hold on.

The situations experienced in present-day living is not unique to us, as people in the past endured poverty, harsh economic downturns, criminal activities and myriad other depressing issues. However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7, the story is told of a woman who is crying because she is in a desperate situation. Her husband is dead and creditors are coming to take her sons to be slaves, but through the servant of God, Elisha, this woman was able to make a living and pay her debt.

"Here we find this woman, she is hurting, her situation is critical. What do you do when you're hurting? What do you do when you're in trouble? Do you pick up the phone and call a friend or do you call on Jesus? This woman made up her mind that she is going to go to God about her situation and she is hopeful that God's going to do something for her," said Smythe-Forbes.

The pastor, while delivering a sermon recently, said that though things can get tough, we must be reminded that God is depending on us to exercise faith and encourage others in the process.

"We have to be careful what we adapt from the world because we are a peculiar people, we are a royal generation, we are a called out people and because we are called out, we are different. We are special and we have been given the opportunity to be washed with the blood of Jesus, and as blood washed, born-again Christians, we are ambassadors of Christ; in our homes, in our schools, in our communities, on the job, we are God's representatives and He is depending on you to be the light of the world," Smythe-Forbes noted.

She further mentioned: "Our God is a God of desperate people. If you don't believe me, ask the woman with the issue of blood. She was a desperate woman in a desperate situation. But in her desperation, she reached out and touched the hem of His garment and the blood ceased its flow, the fountain from which the blood flowed dried up. You see, when God speaks to our situations, He doesn't speak to the symptoms, he speaks to the source."


A word from God to his people, Smythe-Forbes relayed that people of God must be accessible to others and be open for their blessing instead of being blinded by circumstances.

"Oftentimes, when we find ourselves in trouble, we don't know that God is already in the mix. Our God is working out the situation for you already, but you can't see it."

Sharing a personal story, the woman of God recounted a time when she had a vehicle to be sold and tried hard to sell it, but her efforts failed.

It was around the time when Ivan was scheduled to hit Jamaica, but she did not know that her failure to sell the car was a blessing in disguise.

"I was washing the dishes one day and I looked over at my neighbour's house and her zincs were rusty and I said God you're gonna have to protect this woman ... but in the back of my mind while praying to God for this woman's roof, I'm saying don't worry about mine, mine's OK," she noted.

Within a few minutes of the hurricane's arrival, Smythe-Forbes lost her roof and the only refuge for her and her family was the car in the garage she had tried so hard to sell.

"Let me tell you something, saints of God, God is on the case, He is working out your situation, but you've got to hold on, you've got to have faith and you've got to trust him. Oftentimes we have been furnished with what we need, but we need faith to access it. We find ourselves in situations, trouble in the house, trouble in the marriage, trouble with the children, with the finances ... rocked by sin, rocked by depression and we are wondering, 'is there any help?' but help is on its way," the pastor told Family and Religion.

Smythe-Forbes explained that God uses the hardships of people and their victory over these hardships to manifest His glory and power.

"God is looking to do great things within us, He is looking for people to pour the oil of the Holy Spirit on, to finish this great work and to usher in the second coming. The question is: Are you making yourself available to be used?"