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Footprints | Samuel Joseph Ebanks - A devoted family man

Published:Tuesday | November 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Samuel Joseph Ebanks


Principles such as honesty, integrity, humility, dedication, hard work, love and respect are more than just buzz words for the children of Samuel Joseph Ebanks. These words are embedded in their lives because of the lessons taught by Samuel, verbally and in the way he lived. His children have vowed to emulate him and to pass on the legacy of his life for generations to come.

Sandy, Cap, Dada, as he was affectionately called, was born in Flagaman, South St Elizabeth, to Ivan and Edna Ebanks on October 12, 1956.

As a boy, Sandy was very industrious and innovative. He made toys that children in the community took pride in owning because they had a signature statement about them. After his stint at Pedro Plains Primary School, Sandy joined his brothers in farming. He loved it and was good at it.

In 1975 while playing a game of 'Are you my lover?', his eyes fell on the love of his life. With his usual bravado, he approached her and asked, "Are you my lover?"

Blushing, Verona ran away but returned to the community later and accepted the real proposal to be Cap's wife.

The union of 40 years was very fruitful and produced four children - three boys and one girl.

Cap was a devout family man; he always did what was best for his family.

He ensured that all his children accessed tertiary education.

His son Dwight remembers him as an excellent father, one who cared and protected his children. He nurtured them and made them believe in themselves even when others didn't.

He expressed his love in words and deeds.

He did the same for his grandchildren. His advice and counselling have been and will continue to be their guiding light and source of inspiration.

Samuel was a principled man who believed that persons should work for what they want. He was not one to receive or give handouts, yet he was willing to help those who were truly less fortunate. He was very supportive and respectful and this earned him the admiration and respect of others. His employees were willing to put their lives on the line for him.

The family and friends of Samuel Ebanks mourn his passing but are comforted by the footprints he has left to guide them on their way.