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Anxious wait - Administrator general hopeful for proper compensation for children in Tivoli

Published:Monday | November 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
Retired Justice Seymour Panton (left), chairman of the West Kingston Compensation Committee, Carlene Larmond and The Reverend Rennard White, arrive for a press briefing dealing with compensation for the events of May 2010 at the Ministry of Justice in St Andrew last week.

Administrator General Lona Brown is hopeful that the children of persons who died during the 2010 joint police-military operation in Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston, will be properly compensated.

The operation was conducted in search of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, then strongman for the area.

On Tuesday, a Tivoli Compensation Committee was officially set up at the Ministry of Justice.

The creation of the committee came as a result of a recommendation made in the commissioner's report following the conclusion of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

"We hope to be given compensation so that we can take care of the beneficiaries. We, in the meantime, will be beginning to deal with these children to investigate to see what is happening with them (and) if they are going to school. There are no funds now in the estate, so we really are anxiously awaiting the decision of the committee with an award, hopefully, so that the children can have some funds to take care of them during this period," Brown told The Gleaner.

Brown also said that when these children become 18, the balance of the funds in the estate will be handed over to them.

The Administrator General's Department takes care of the estates of persons who die without leaving wills, in particular, those who have left behind minor beneficiaries and those who leave assets behind.

Assets, in this case, can be from property, shares in a company, money in the bank and insurance policies.

Brown mentioned that the Administrator General's Department can now issue its own instrument of administration.

"We have so far issued an instrument of administration. Now, the administrator general can issue its own instrument of administration where minors are involved, and we do not have to go to the court to make an application for a grant any longer. This is a new amendment to the Administrator General's Act, which was effected in June last year," Brown said.