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Excelsior bright spark wants to empower women

Published:Thursday | November 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Cherrianne Scott with two of her many awards.
Cherrianne Scott wants to empower women.

MORANT BAY, St Thomas:

With the goal of empowering women in her community, Cherrianne Scott works tirelessly to ensure that her life is a testament of the possibilities of success.

Originally from the York community in St Thomas, Scott beams among the brightest stars at the Excelsior Community College.

The 22-year-old was beyond willing to share her dreams for women who feel discouraged with Rural Xpress.

"We proclaim that our society is more modernised, but the reality is there are still some women who are taken for granted and are forced to stay on the sidelines.

"I must say that I admire our previous prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, as a woman at the forefront mainly because she is constantly being ridiculed, not for her leadership, but as a woman. Yet, she never allow that to deter her from being where she is today.

"As a young lady who have been laying a foundation towards a successful future, I believe that I too can be an inspiration for others who have had a rough start by showing them that everyone can achieve something in life, no matter what the circumstances are. Once you put your mind to it, you can achieve it," she said.

Scott is currently in her third year pursuing a bachelor's degree in tourism and hospitality management with the hope of one day securing a highly challenging position in the industry.

Fuelled by a need to escape the unfavourable circumstances in which she was grown, the young woman has been copping awards since her years at the St Thomas Technical High School.


"Growing up, even though I had a lot of persons who ensured I was going on the right path, there was just something that would always affect me and that is the life of my parents. It wasn't very appealing, so I wanted to make a difference for myself.

"Luckily, I have a very special friend that is always there to encourage and to support me in all my endeavours.

"I was always a fast learner and have always done extremely well. In high school, I received the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary School first place nationally for the French CCSLC examination in 2011 and, despite many challenges, I managed to be on the honour roll throughout my high-school tenure," Scott told Rural Xpress

She added: "I was awarded the Governor General's IBI Tourism and Hospitality Scholarship in 2015. It's a full scholarship that covers my tuition for all four years at the school, and in that same year I received the Excelsior Community College Principal's Award."

The scholar recently received the highest-ranked honour at the institution - the Chairman's Award and the Most Outstanding Student Award in the programme in which she is registered.

"Everyone is the author of their own story. For some, things may come naturally, but I am one of those who seek to persevere. I wasn't always the brightest and I am still not, but through hard work, dedication and commitment to myself, I'm on the verge of empowering females and transforming lives. I want to make a difference not only for myself, but also to be an inspiration for others.

"Just the thought of accomplishing something that others may see they too can achieve whatever it is they put their mind to is a big driving force for me."