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Steve Lyston | Grace, favour and mercy

Published:Monday | November 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM

We often talk about grace, favour and mercy, but do we really understand what these words mean? No one can live without grace. The obstacles, challenges and problems we face on a daily basis could not or cannot, be resolved without grace, favour and mercy.

The word, 'grace' simply put, means getting something we do not deserve; unmerited favour; mercy and compassion.

God's greatest act - grace that has been given or extended to us - is the ability to receive salvation which is available through faith (Ephesians 2: 8-9).

Grace is what opens doors to us when we are not qualified and gives us promotion we don't even deserve. That is why we must be humble on a daily basis and show someone mercy and compassion; without grace, we would not be in the position we are now.

Have you ever been in a selection process for a position or a competition of any kind? In your mind, you didn't think you would reach very far or had the talent to go through it, or would even get to a certain level; but it was grace that allowed you to come out on top, and it even surprised you!

Oftentimes, there are persons who are involved in accidents of one kind or another, and they are the only ones to survive. Some people will tell them they are lucky, but it is not luck - it is the grace of Jesus Christ that kept them and has given them another chance. The main reason that you are alive now and are able read this very article is the grace of God!

Favour occurs when the requirements and protocols are waived for you. For example, Esther, Daniel and Joseph all walked in great favour and the kings loved or became endeared to them. When we were going to school, some students, or maybe you, were called the 'teacher's pet'. God gave favour with the teacher. Maybe when everybody else was failing, you just zoomed right through every class and exam with flying colours.

Mercy occurs when one deserves punishment and God withholds His hand and, instead, extends His love to them. For example, God sparing Jamaica from a Category 5 hurricane; or in the legal circles, God would allow a magistrate to rule in your favour rather than against you; or in any organisation with which you transact business, even when you are in default, they still extend mercy to you, to settle the matter by way of a grace period.




Quite often, many will see the gifts and talents of others and shower them with praises and accolades! Look at people like Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Usain Bolt, Bob Marley, Serena Williams and President Barack Obama. It is God's grace and His favour.

Know that no leader at any level can truly be successful without God's grace, favour and mercy, and that is what will bring prosperity within a nation. Every leader has to ensure that God's grace, favour and mercy never leave them, for when they do, there is sure defeat.

Success, growth and great achievement can only come through grace (John 15: 5). This is why we MUST abide in God. Regardless of how successful a person is, without God's grace, the qualifications and academic achievements mean nothing.




Many times, the success of an organisation hinges on the presence of a few righteous people in the organisation who have grace and favour on their lives! We see it with Jacob, where Laban prospered simply by having Jacob working for him. Oftentimes, when these few righteous leave, the organisation crashes or goes through a slow, painful death. So extending grace to a servant of God can save your life. They are your insurance, and that is why you must be careful in how you treat a servant of God.

Paul reminds us, in I Corinthians 15: 9-10, that although he is the least of the Apostles, it is the grace of God that has allowed him to accomplish all the work the Lord allowed him to do for Him.

Many times, people will take on titles and put themselves in certain positions, but it is the grace of God that sanctions it all. So if God's grace for the title or position is not with you, then don't take it on, you would be heading for trouble.

We are in the new Jewish year of 5777 and God wants to extend grace, favour and mercy, particularly to those who are sick - to heal their bodies. You need to begin praying for grace, favour and mercy on a daily basis - for your family, community, nation and the nation's leaders.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.