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US court rejects appeal of convicted Jamaican lottery scammer in North Dakota

Published:Monday | November 7, 2016 | 3:14 PM

The Jamaican police are reporting that the United States District Court for North Dakota has thrown out the appeal of convicted lottery scammer, Sanjay Williams.

Williams is now serving a 20-year sentence on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, 35 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit international money laundering.

He was sentenced in October last year, six months after his conviction in a Federal Court in the District of North Dakota. 

Williams was arrested by American investigators in August 2014 with assistance from Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency. 

Last Tuesday, Williams' attorney filed an appeal on the grounds that his client’s right to a speedy trial was violated and so the charges should have been dismissed.

He also claimed that the 'double jeopardy' clause was violated as the District of North Dakota lacked jurisdiction over conduct outside of that state.

In addition, the attorney held that there was insufficient evidence to convict Williams.Image result for sanjay williams jamaica gleaner
IN PHOTO: Sanjay Williams

But on Friday the United States District Court for North Dakota rejected the appeal.

The court found that neither the speedy trial rights of Williams nor the double jeopardy clause were violated, and that there was sufficient evidence to convict him on all charges.

Williams will serve the rest of his sentence in a United States Federal Prison has also been ordered to make restitution payments of US$5.6 million.

Over several months, Sanjay Williams of Montego Bay, St James and his co-conspirators impersonated trusted US institutions and fleeced unsuspecting individuals of millions of dollars. 

He was also involved in the provision of lead sheets to other lottery scammers to help in soliciting money from US pensioners.